Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Importance of Pathology

Pathology is an incredibly important field in medicine, as it focuses on the causes and development of diseases, as well as how these affect health and the human body. Doctors would be practically crippled in doing their jobs if they did not have pathologists or pathology laboratory services backing them up. Here are a few reasons why pathology is so crucial:

Early detection of diseases

If diseases are detected only when obvious symptoms show up, it might already be too late to cure them. Thanks to pathology, however, the earliest signs of diseases can be spotted early on, enabling doctors to provide immediate treatment. Moreover, further manifestations and consequences of a disease can also be mapped out, allowing physicians to take a proactive approach in healing their patients.

Correct diagnosis of conditions

As important as it is to get an early diagnosis, it is also important to get an accurate one. While doctors can name possible conditions a patient is suffering from, there are cases when only a pathologist can accurately tell for certain what is wrong.

Appropriate treatment

With the correct diagnosis, and a good understanding of how a disease can develop, the most suitable treatment can also be given to a patient. This is gravely important because the inappropriate treatment might just end up making a person's condition worse.

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